Ruisrock is organised in Turku which is easy to reach from around Finland by for example bus and train. We encourage the use of public transportation or ride sharing!

Festival buses and local buses operate from the city centre to the vicinity of the festival site.


Arriving to Finland

By plane

Turku Airport is located about 8 kilometres from Turku city centre with daily flight connections.

The second closest airport is located in Helsinki-Vantaa.

By ferry

Shipping companies TallinkSilja and Viking Line operate twice daily between Stockholm and Turku.

Arriving to Turku

By bus

Turku bus station is located close to the city centre. There is an easy access to festival area by bus from the city centre.



By train

Turku train station is also located close to the city centre, and the Ruisrock festival buses stop at the train station. During the festival weekend the trains fill up quickly, we recommend booking train tickets in advance.

There's an extra night train from Turku to Helsinki on Monday morning at 12:30 am.  


Ride sharing

If you decide to drive to Ruisrock, we encourage you to fill your car with other festival guests. Ridesharing is not only fun but also ecological.

An efficient and safe way to find a ride is for example the ride sharing website where rides can be both offered and requested. Also, have a look at the ride sharing (kimppakyyti) groups on Facebook.



By car

Driving to the Ruissalo island is not possible during the festival weekend neither is there any space for parking on the island. Vehicles can be parked on the official festival parking area located in Artukainen in Turku close to Gatorade Center and Messukeskus. Follow the signs for Artukainen Camping. The address is Artukaisten kiitotie.

Please note! Staying the night in your vehicle is not allowed.

By boat

Arriving to the festival site in Ruissalo is not allowed by boat. Mooring places are offered in Turku city centre by Turku Guest Harbour.



Arriving to the festival area

Ruisrock festival site can be reached conveniently with the festival bus or by bike from Turku city centre. The festival buses run from Turku city center to the festival bus station. There is a clearly marked walking route of about two kilometres (about 1.2 miles) between the festival bus station and the festival site.

Festival bus from Turku city centre

There is a festival bus running on a non-stop-basis from Turku city centre to the festival bus station.

The prices of the festival buses are:

  • one-way ticket 6 EUR
  • two-way ticket 10 EUR
  • weekend 18 EUR

By the Festival bus from Artukainen Camping and parking area

There is a free festival bus from the camping and parking areas running on a non-stop-basis between the Ruisrock festival bus station and Artukainen Camping and parking area. Bus is intended for people staying in Artukainen Camping and for people parking on the parking area.

By bicycle

You can ride your bike to the festival site by following the signs along the bike path of Ruissalo parkway. You can leave your bicycle at the guarded bicycle parking next to the festival main entrance. Bicycle parking costs 4 € / day or 10 € / 3 days.

Please note that there are simultaneously several thousands of people on the Ruissalo island and on the way back to town centre. Please be extra careful in the traffic and keep in mind the law, the nature, and fellow travelers!

By Turku local buses

The local bus time tables and stop information can be found in the trip planner Föli. Föli also has information on buses running to close-by towns, for example to Naantali, Paimio and Kaarina. We recommend purchasing a bus ticket for the duration of the whole festival visit to make travel faster and smoother.



By taxi

The closest taxi stop to the festival site is located at the festival bus station, by the Ruissalo bridge. Turku taxi phone number is +358-2-10041.

Near the Pahanniemi bridge, in the parking lot of Helenan kahvio (Helena’s cafeteria) there is a place to stop, where festival guests can be picked up or dropped off.

Accessible arriving

Ruisrock organisers want to offer everyone a chance to come to the festival. Accessible entrance and possibility for disabled parking make arriving at the festival easier. The disabled parking permit have to be applied for in advance. Read more on accessibility.